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Decreasing entry costs and a range of new, small satellites have massively increased the amount of data that is being transmitted back to the Earth. This is opening up opportunities for using the Big Data of space to radically transform our economies, societies and lives.

A new community of aerospace companies emerging in Canada. They are developing new applications for satellite data, low-cost access to space, and new space flight and satellite technologies.

In rocket science, the term “MaxQ” stands for one of the most fundamental points in the flight of a rocket. It is the point at which aerodynamic stress on a vehicle in atmospheric flight is at its strongest, and a rocket that survives this point will likely make it into orbit.

This is why we’ve named Canada’s first accelerator for space startups MaxQ. If startups can survive the point of maximum pressure on their journey to the market, they will likely be successful.

MaxQ’s accelerator program, located at Google’s former offices at Communitech in the Toronto-Waterloo region, helps market-ready startups with an intensive program of mentoring, business development assistance – and access to industry experts.

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