How Data From Space Powers The Fight Against Illegal Fishing

Illegal and unreported fishing worldwide accounts for up to 26 million metric tons of fish annually, worth up to $23.5 billion USD. That equates to more than 800 kilos of wild-caught fish stolen from the seas every second. This threatens biodiversity and food security, and deprives those who follow the rules of much needed income. […]

Did You Know Satellites Can Help Cut Food Waste?

The supermarket of the future will be powered by big data. Data from space will be crucial for managing to bring costs down, and tackling the food wastage crisis. Food wastage is a huge global problem. According to a recent report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), about one-third of all […]

How Space Data Will Make Mining Cleaner And Cheaper

The search for minerals is not only environmentally invasive, but also extremely expensive. A new community of startups is set to change  that. Drilling and excavation are still the main tools in the search for new mineral deposits. As a result, the costs of prospecting for minerals are significant, both in terms of licensing and the execution of the […]