How Data From Space is Disrupting the Market

Space is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global market, and Canada has traditionally been a market-leader in space technologies.

But Canada needs to do more in the application of space-data to prevent being left behind, there is a huge opportunity for startups. The global market for space is forecasted to go to $560 billion by 2030, space-enabled services will be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

Whether it be new materials, understanding bone loss, better sensing technology, more environmentally sustainable resource extraction or better integrated transit and infrastructure grids: space and orbital analytics are weaving in and out of our collective lives.

Decreasing entry costs and a range of new, small satellites have massively increased the amount of data that is being transmitted back to the Earth. This is opening up opportunities for using the Big Data of space to radically transform our economies, societies and lives.

A community of relatively new aerospace companies is working to develop low-cost access to space, and new spaceflight and satellite technologies. The Case studies in this report serve as practical illustrations of how the space sector already impacts our daily lives in Canada, and around the world – but also how new innovations are set to do so even more in the near future.